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Do you care about creating your perfect wine blog title?

Tweet Creating your perfect wine blog title is an art… and a science. Jose recently turned me onto my SEO functions, and I began to use them. I stopped using things that I though were ‘sexy” titles. Part of me was feeling, “Whatever, if search engines pick up my stories, then I’ve done my job.” […]


Delectable Teams Up with VinTank to Unite Wineries and Wine Lovers

Tweet Delectable Teams Up with VinTank to Unite Wineries and Wine Lovers I’ve been very enamored with VinTank, the wine industry’s think tank, since their very beginnings. I really appreciate innovation in any profession, including the wine business. I find that it seems to move much too slowly. There are those – the farmers most […]


What’s happening to the wine blog world?

Tweet What’s happening to the wine blog world? Attrition. It reminds me of my college classes. We’d start the year with 40 students in the class, and by the end of the semester, we’d be down to half that size. The only class that didn’t go that way, and actually seemed to grow, was the […]


In the middle of the “Social” and “Traditional” media seesaw

Tweet My view from being in the middle as a marketer… I’m in the middle of this “Social Media” and “Traditional Media” seesaw. I was there when traditional media didn’t even have the “traditional” adjective in front of it. I did know (during those early times in my PR career) that media had reached ivory […]


Steve Heimoff and Paul Mabray in the same room, and we all got out alive

Tweet THE PLACE: UC Davis Extension Program THE PROGRAM: PR and Social Media for Small Wineries THE CHARACTERS: Rusty Eddy (Program’s Educator/Director), Paul Mabray (Social Media), Steve Heimoff (Traditional Media), Jose Diaz (Media Marketing), and me for PR THE SCENE: The room was still… You could have heard a pin drop… I had delivered Unique perspective […]


Let’s hear it from the guys on wine blogging

Tweet I can’t – but am tempted to, never the less – apologize for yesterday’s blog posting, because it was all female bloggers. The reason for the apology would be that I never warned anyone, nor should I; but I’ve yammered about things that end up being all male in the past, and now there […]


What motivated wine bloggers to start blogging ~ Their own stories

Tweet I just re-ran An Impatient Publicist©, because it’s a story for me that’s timeless, talking about how I began blogging. In one of the Facebook groups, I had a comment about my sharing how I got started, and it made me wonder how others began their own on-line publishing journeys. I decided to ask […]


I wish I could still find that study that cited, “Men read other men, women read men and other women,” seemingly in that order

Tweet I wish I could still find that study that cited, “Men read other men, women read men and other women,” seemingly in that order. UPDATE: Anther article with a study about women’s words not be chosen by editors (or is that women don’t submit?) states that It’s 2012 already: why is opinion writing still […]


Advertising makes the world go round, and writers are in the food chain

Tweet I just came across my friend Steve Heimoff‘s blog entitled, “The [increasingly] dark side of social media.” It’s really fun to watch Steve try to wrap his mind around social media, because truthfully… Steve is one of the few people in the world who is a true journalist; that’s to say, he doesn’t understand […]


When the phone rings, and you see it’s coming from Washington DC, you pick up ~ Department of Commerce

Tweet Deep in the throes of my Dark & Delicious planning, it takes a lot to get my attention. Let’s just say, you wouldn’t want to have ever been really mean to me in the past, and think you can get my attention during this time, as it happened this past week. I didn’t pick […]