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Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen and great wine pairings

When Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen arrived, I wondered how limited the audience could be. Yeah… Not even. If people think that being vegan lacks flavor or excitement, think again. Jose and I have really pared down the foods that we do eat, and he’s come to have even more discipline than I have. […]


Devo Tour 2014, after Gerald Casale launches his new wine brand

Devo Tour 2014 Devo Tour 2014, comes right after Gerald Casale launched his new wine brand this past May 28, at the McLoughlin Gallery, in San Francisco, called The 50 by 50. Devo, an American rock band formed in 1972, is made up of members from Kent and Akron, Ohio. The band included two sets […]


THE 50 BY 50 ~ Rock on Devo Guy

If you know anything about me, you know that I come from a PR rock n’roll background, having worked for WBLM radio station in Portland, Maine. That was for 11 years, before moving to California and segueing my PR into the wine industry. It’s 20+ years later, and I now know how naive I was […]


Rock and Roll (R)evolution

UPDATE (May 22, 2014): Gerald Casale of DEVO has launched a wine brand: THE 50 BY 50. PRESS RELEASE: Since Pinot Noir grapes don’t thrive in Napa’s Wooden Valley, THE 50 BY 50 went to the best location nearby to purchase the fruit where they do thrive–the Sonoma Coast. GERALD explains, “Our ambitious five-year plan […]


Beyond the Doobies ~ Making Their Own Wine

Beyond the Doobies, there’s a world of rock and rollers who have taken to making their own wines. Most of them have just lent their names to a label… They’re far from the madding crowd of a wine cellar. Can you say “trophies,” boys and girls? Someone else is doing all of the work, right […]


Celebrity Vineyards, written by Nick Wise about Napa, Tuscany, and beyond is a great wine read

Nick Wise has written a really great book about Celebrity Vineyards; one that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading. His style, grace, and stories about Napa, Tuscany, and beyond, about superlative wines and extraordinary vintners, is very informative and parallels my own story… so much so that I immediately found that common bond and was drawn in. […]


Rocker, Headbanger, taker of no prisoners, and enjoyer of fine wine

It’s no secret around here that my past life was in rock n’roll radio PR. It was my job to prove to conservative Portland, Maine, that the state’s favorite rock n’roll radio station was big business… At one point, the multimillion dollar company had 13 radio stations nationwide; and yet, the perception was that the […]


Beyond the Doobies And ReWineDing Their Rock Careers

Living and loving my way through the Summer of Love, the 70s, and the 80s has provided more than a few great stories; but, the one that connected me to FM radio and finding myself just about living backstage with the rockers is by far the most relevant. It all began with my repeating a […]


Rockers Gone (Wine) Wild ~ Bad Company’s Paul Cullen & AC/DC Join the Ranks

BAD COMPANY’S PAUL CULLEN: Wine, food, and song does it for Paul Cullen… (Being a rocker, I’m sure that women are in that mix, too; as in keeping with wine, women, and song…) In the 1990s, Paul Cullen was the base player for Bad Company. While he’s still a musician (now a guitarist who plays […]


Candyman 187 and 2009 Joseph Drouhin Brouilly for my weekend adventures

Having been in the rock n’roll business, I still love the life of music, the artists, the dances, and the lifestyle. With that in mind, this morning, I was queried and asked if I could get this story onto my blog ASAP. I don’t usually do this so quickly, but we’re headed into the weekend, […]