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Today is “hug your sales person” day

Tweet I’ve performed a good deal of sales in my time… I’m still doing it in a very soft way, because PR is sales… It falls under the category of Sales and Marketing. I’ve done winery sales, too, so I feel like I can address this one pretty well. Proprietors, it’s great that you think […]


Great PR Lesson… Delta Air Lines has learned that it’s far better to fix it fast than to let it fester

Tweet After expecting me to evaluate an otherwise excellent flight experience, Delta Air Lines was just asking for too many details, so I skipped to the end for the “comments” part. I wrote… Additional Comments/suggestions for your experience at Ashville (AVL): Yeah, yeah, yeah… everything was excellent, but… you need to hear/read this story. I will […]


A lesson for all wine PR people from the Russians ~ PR crisis management

Tweet PR crisis management 101 This is one of the best PR moves I have ever seen in my entire life, and I’ve been around the block a few times. As a wine PR person, I’m really inspired  by this one and saving it for PR crisis management. The beleaguered Russians have been having a […]


Imitation is the highest form of flattery and the lowest form of creativity

Tweet After yet another email from a client, who is being shadowed by what I could only call a “younger brother” imitating his every move, I had to calm him down; “Imitation is the highest form of flattery and the lowest form of creativity,” I said. The Art of War… What can anyone do, when […]


Dear Jo ~ A question of when communications go bad

Tweet Dear Jo ~ A question of when communications go bad… The communication to me: Dear Jo, I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch like this but I wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding wine PR and marketing communications in the US. I’m trying to put together a panel talk for […]


Explorers of Portugal Reveal the True Passion Behind Their Wines

Tweet While in Portugal and the Alentejo wine grape growing region, I was a guest of Enoforum Wines. At the time, I received a well-rounded education from my friend Delfim Costa. From the beginning of our friendship, Delfim has taught me that to understand Portuguese wines it’s most important to first understand the people of […]


Winemaker trepidation is pretty common when it comes to wine writers + some advice

Tweet Winemaker trepidation is pretty common when it comes to wine writers Working with tons of winemakers, through my 20 years of being in the wine business, I’ve seen many winemakers fear what’s going to happen to their wines, once they’ve been sent for review. Tons of questions arise: What if I get a bad […]


Degeneration of the wine blogosphere ~ weeding out the riff raff ~ a parable

Tweet Wine, the civilizing beverage…. I just read a story, written my friend Steve Heimoff. It’s entitled, When wine writers lose it. It’s a brilliant title, because it’s a double entendre. It had me running to my own blog site to make sure I’ve not exchanged links with the person he’s written about. Thankfully we […]


Spelling it all out succinctly: Vinography’s Alder Yarrow

Tweet Happy birthday to Vinography… It’s been nine years of wine blogging for Alder Yarrow, and a few good tricks and habits have been developed over the last nine years. That’s obvious to me from my deck chair. It’s 20 years later, from the time when I segued from FM radio PR to wine PR. […]


Thirty Years of PR and writing: Top 10 things I’ve learned as a PR agent who’s also crossed over to being a wine blogger

Tweet I just realized I’ve been doing PR for 30 years, having started in February 1982. This coming December, I will also have been blogging for the last seven years. I’m in a bit of a precarious position, being on both sides of the bridge; and have been, since I started blogging in 2005. It […]