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Next Step on Music Licensing ~ Head’s Up, Wineries

Having been in radio, and knowing that if you’re playing someone’s music in your tasting room, you need to be paying for it. I’m going to share what I just got from Jim Trezise of Next Step on Music Licensing: A Bill  Just yesterday a bipartisan bill was introduced in Congress that would help alleviate some […]


California State Assembly Passes HR 9 – Recognizing California’s Living Historic Vineyards

On this past Monday, the California Assembly voted to approve HR 9, a resolution that recognizes the contribution that living historic vineyards have made, and continue to make to the agricultural and social history of California. HR 9 was introduced by Assemblymember Tom Daly (District 69, Anaheim) and is supported by the Historic Vineyard Society. […]


Why Are Wine, Beer, and Spirits Lobbyists Spending All This Money?

As I read Wine Business’s daily news link email to me, I was struck by one listing after another of  wholesaler lobbyist spending. At first I thought, “Whatever.” Then I thought… “Wait a minute. That’s a lot of spending.” After I decided to compile a list, I found even more spending that now totals $3,642,000. […]

As Maine Goes, so goes the nation? Not this time…

Commentary: Saturday, July 29, 2006 U.S. judge backs ban on wine shipments, by the Associated Press… ME: My sister Merry’s view in Georgetown I just read that Maine judges have decided the following: “A federal magistrate judge is recommending that Maine’s prohibition on direct shipment of wine be upheld, an opinion Maine’s attorney general said […]

Zinfandel as the state Grape? No thanks!

While Senator Carol Migden has come up with a novel idea to have the California legislature recognize a vitis vinifera as a state grape, it leaves other grapes that have been grown in the state since the days of Mission grapes in the dust. Zinfandel has been established as a heritage varietal, but it’s not […]

Congress Says “No Help” For Gulf Coast Licensees

I have to share this in entirety. I don’t have time to read it, then rewrite it (wish I did). When I read this, I just couldn’t believe what I was reading, and I want this to be in more than one place on the Internet… Believe me… Prohibition is alive and well… Read on. […]