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Asteisms ~ Ingeniously Polite Insults

Tweet Asteisms… Yes, it’s a TGIF kinda day… My own ignorance is totally eclipsed by own dumbfounded curiosity. Four years ago, I heard the word “asteism” defined, after hearing a great insult. I actually began this blog story at that time, so I could use this story one fine day, like today. I’m sorry to […]


99 Bottles of Wine On the Wall, it’s no longer a joke

Tweet It’s easy to joke about 99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall, when you’ve got it going on. I’ve been doing it for years. We got this wine storage unit from a client as payment, years ago. I loved it when I got it… Who wouldn’t? In July 8, a pipe burst in our […]


The ego versus the reality

Tweet Ego Just another day in the life of a wine publicist… The US Trade & Commerce Research Institute Yay… we’ve won an award for excellence in market from the The US Trade & Commerce Research Institute (USTCRI)… “a leading authority on researching, evaluating and recognizing companies across a wide spectrum of industries that meet […]


I’m worth $3,718 ~ Good to know that Wine-blog has done something good for me

Tweet It’s good to know that Wine-blog has given me some worth. has all the info on Wine-blog… According to their research. Cellarer: The most popular wine sites: Here is a directory of websites and blogs about wine. The table only shows the top 100 sites out of a list of 500. This exhibits […]


I love blogging on Saturdays

Tweet I love wine blogging on Saturdays. Writing isn’t frantic, because the phone’s not ringing. The home office is quiet… period; except when the doorbell rings. But, I know it’s my mailman Paul with a package of something I’ve ordered, and that’s great. Thinking outside of my boxed self is enjoyable. The rants don’t come […]


Irish Setter Story ~ I’ll drink to that

Tweet This is a personal Irish Setter Story ~ I’ll drink to that is a category that I’m putting this into. I have family stories that are worth sharing, and honestly fall into a category I like to think of, “I’ll drink to that.” It’s a good weekend story, and it involves my Great Aunt […]


A petite Sirah and a Dr. Peanut

Tweet A petite Sirah and a Dr. Peanut… Let me make sense of this one… Astrid Sirah There’s not a typo in my title…. The greatest honor I’ve had, since I first began my Petite Sirah journey in September 2002, is to have a granddaughter just be named Astrid Sirah. And, she’s about as petite […]


Left handers day says Iift you lift with your right then you are left with your left

Tweet I taught this to my children, beginning with my first born, starting in 1973. It was an easy way to have them learn which hand was which. “If you write with your right, then you’re left with your left. And, if you write with your left, you’re left with your right.” The second line […]


Wondering about wine, women, and pregnancy

Tweet Have you ever wondered about wine, women, and pregnancy? This has been going on with me since the warnings first began to emerge in the 1980s… By then, I had already had three happy, healthy daughters, and I was an occasional wine drinker during the 70s through 1980, when I gave birth to my […]


A Wine Editor and a White Feather ~ Why Being Perfect Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Tweet A Wine Editor and a White Feather… I just read on Facebook: That moment you realize an email you sent, which declared your credentials as an editor, contains a typo. This kind of realization always brings me back to my Happy Daze, and how I learned to ease up on myself and – more […]