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A Very Interesting Importer’s Perspective ~ Pre Reading her book ~ “How to Import Wine, An Insider’s Guide”

“How to Import Wine, An Insider’s Guide” has been written by Deborah M. Gray. When I was queried about whether or not I’d like to read her book, I thought, “Bring it on.” I spent a couple of years with Enoforum Wines (from Évora, Portugal), prior to their becoming imported to the United States. I […]

7 ~ Swimming in a Sea of Queries is a blog posting to store the following information. I’ve had to simply. Incoming Emails have become overwhelming, and my day job workload is very heavy right now. I don’t enjoy simply deleting Emails from people who have taken the time to research and write to me. I value that process and their time, […]


When Irish Wines Are Smiling

It just had to happen. In 2002, when I organized and started not only PS I Love You, but also started the Association of African American Vintners, I was thinking about starting an Irish American Vintners Association. It just made sense to me. Concannon Vineyard was/is a client of Diaz Communications. (Although I’m no longer […]


Frank Johnson Selections ~ Importer Profile

I’ve been pretty open on this wine blog that Enoforum Wines, from the Alentejo region of Portugal, is one of my clients. This is my journal, and I’m recording my realistic journey in the wine business. When Enoforum Wines and our Diaz  Communications partnered, it wasn’t with the thinking that Enoforum might be imported into […]


Portugal ~ Hitting My Imagination’s Reset Button

Weekly Holidaze Drawing: Just leave a comment on any wine-blog entry this month, to win gifts this December: There is nothing like a new client coming into my business (Diaz Communications), especially since we’re a marketing and public relations company. This couldn’t be any better for reinvigorating my creative juices. I’m sure many other P.R. […]