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The First Global Village ~ How Portugal Changed the World, by Martin Page

Tweet Image via Wikipedia When a book arrives on one’s doorstep as a gift, it has not only come from the sender, but it’s also arrived from the universe as a token of change and an opportunity for expansive knowledge. This is what The First Global Village by Martin Page became for me. Before it […]


Sitelines at Tres Sabores was splendor in the vines

Tweet Sitelines at Tres Sabores was a delicious midsummer night’s dream. Promoted by Julie Johnson and her husband Jon Engelskirger, this year’s event was their second annual (if indeed this is to be an annual event). If it is and you love the arts, you don’t want to miss it next year. I did overhear […]


Portland Oregon’s Annual Rose Festival + Oak Knoll Winery’s Annual Wine label art contest

Tweet Oak Knoll Winery’s Annual Wine label art contest for Portland Oregon’s Annual Rose Festival was unveiled on April 25 in downtown Portland. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a community to sponsor an annual festival that fosters complete pride by all members of its neighborhood. This is […]


Rolling in a rich history: Greece is a museum inside a bottle of wine

Tweet I recently received an Email from Anh Phan, the communications manager at Eklektikon LLC, an importer of eclectic Greek wines in the US. Anh wrote: “I wanted to inform you about our company’s unique approach to wine. Eklektikon is more than just exquisite wine; it is about the embodiment of the best of Greek […]


Iron Horse Vineyards was at the official launch of the State Department’s Culinary Diplomacy Initiative

Tweet Joy Sterling, of Iron Horse Vineyards, was recently honored to be an invited guest of the official launch of the State Department’s Culinary Diplomacy Initiative. Announced by Ambassador Capricia Marshall, the U.S. Chief of Protocol from Washington D.C., this event was for the presentation of an American Chefs Corps, intended to elevate food, wine, […]


Ode to a Wine Incarnate, as written by Dr. Sondra Barrett

Tweet The first time I read through Wine’s Hidden Beauty ~ Bioscapes of Wine: Sondra Barrett, I began to think of wine as a whole new entity, something much grander than a liquid food. Reading it didn’t inspire me to write about whether or not the book worked for me and how I’d share that. […]


First Steps in Winemaking & Real Cidermaking On a Small Scale

Tweet Two new books have arrived, as we head into the last quarter of the year and the holiday gift giving season. But, these two are even more seasonal. This is the season to ferment, and these books are right on cue. Both are from Fox Chapel Publishing, celebrating their 20th Anniversary (1991 – 2011). […]


Children Should Be Welcomed Here ~ Wine Country

Tweet When I worked at Robert Mondavi Winery, I loved all aspects of being there, with one exception. I had a really hard time with the repetition of Wine 101 three to four times a day. I reached the point of feeling like I was channeling Lily Tomlin, doing her Broadway hit of “Searching for […]


Instead of Wine, Women, and Song; How about Wine, Men and Song?

Tweet I’m thinking the title of “Wine, Women, and Song” must have emanated from a man somewhere at some point in time… The odds are in favor of it being created this way. If I’m wrong, I stand corrected. As a woman, I see “Wine, Men, and Song,” as a more interesting phenomena; maybe that’s […]


Ten Wine Marketing Take-Aways From Times²

Tweet Having just returned from meeting my Alentejo client Delfim Costa, and our new importer Adele Capela (Value Vines) in New York City, my Times Square experience is still swimming around inside of my head. First of all, the last time I was in Time Square experiencing it was in the 1980s.  Jose and I […]