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Stags Leap District Vineyard to Vintner 2017

This is an unparalleled Stags Leap District wine experience. Stags Leap is an iconic American appellation, with legendary history, a vibrant future, distinctive Cabernets as Napa’s neighborhood for world class wines. [Pine Ridge Vineyards] Last year, we attended this event and were stuck by the quality and attentiveness of each vintner and winemaker. Pictures from […]


Getting to the Heart and Soul of Suisun Valley

I’ve been working with the Suisun Valley Vintners and Grapegrowers for a long time, at various capacities. My original tasks were primarily to get the name Suisun Valley on the map, and onto the radar screen. They had been in some sort of Rip Van Winkle time warp, and Jose and I were called in […]


Defining terroir, it’s a science not a myth

Paul Skinner is brilliant man. Many are happy to attest to that. I only write this about him, because I recently found myself defending his brilliance to someone who just didn’t want to believe what I had come to know… about the AVA’s climate, and who Paul Skinner is in this business.


Rutherford Dust with Theatre of the Mind, a 90 degree sojourn on a 100 degree day

We arrive in Napa Valley and it’s over 100 degrees in the shade… I wonder, “What is this going to be like… I could so easily have stayed in the office (because of the heat). But, I messed up the year before with my promise to be there, and it wasn’t going to happen again, […]


Earliest History of Grape Growing in Suisun Valley

[Image courtesy of Gary Mangels] Mae Fisher Purcell wrote for the Eighteenth Anniversary Edition And All County Chamber of Commerce Atlas of Solano County, Information-Section 4-1935, in a story entitled, “Claus Mangels Renowned Solano Winery and Notable Estate is Beauty Spot of Suisun Valley: When Omar Khayyam, poet-tentmaker, wrote in his immortal Rubalyat the lines… […]


Winemakers Don’t Have Green Thumbs ~ Just Ask Chuck Custodio of Trahan

Check out our free shipping on fine wines today! “I tried to make wine once, and mold grew all over the top of my Zin in no time. I’m not a winemaker. I have a green thumb, but I’m not a winemaker,” I recently said to Chuck Custodio, of Trahan Winery. “I guess that was […]


Ledgewood Creek Winery & Vineyards ~ Where It’s All Done Well

Working in Suisun Valley for the past nearly seven years, I’ve come to meet a lot of people. One of the kindest families I’ve met is the Dean Frisbie family. There’s an understated quality about this family that draws me in. Perhaps its the legal DNA, since Dean’s past career was in law, and my […]


Segueing from Grape Grower to Winemaking ~ Diamond Ridge

One of the most natural progressions in the wine industry is from the humble farmer, who has been growing grapes for sometimes generations in a family; and then one day, the light bulb goes on… “I wonder what these grapes would taste like if I made the wine?” is usually how this goes. Yesterday’s example […]


Rustic Suisun Valley Has Launched a New Website

There are very few places in California wine country that have Suisun Valley’s rustic charm. Some of its unique facets are the following: Suisun Valley is a small, self contained appellated valley. It’s only eight miles long, and five miles wide. Within its borders, Suisun Valley has a rich, agricultural heritage that dates back to […]


American Viticultural Area (AVA) ~ How Suisun Valley Got Its Name

Working with the Suisun Valley AVA, I’ve wondered more than once how Suisun Valley got its original name. My duties have been to tell everyone what’s going on in the valley today; however, always in the background has been that question. I’ve heard snippets about Native Americans, but nothing that was really sticking with me. […]