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When wine becomes a bitch… Treasury, I feel for you…

Tweet I just read the headline: Law firm launches shareholder class action against Treasury Wine Estates I had to chuckle to myself. Here I sit in the wine business. Treasury Wine Estates is doing everything right, in my humble estimation… Staying engaged in their wine company’s advancements and participation in the industry. As the exec […]


Winemaker Adam Richardson

Tweet Winemaker Adam Richardson strikes gold… Sometimes, when you get the news that someone you know has moved to another opportunity, you just get so excited for that person. One of the nicest winemakers I’ve met in life is winemaker Adam Richardson. We were both working with Concannon Vineyard at the time, so I got […]


Wine Marketing Online ~ How to use the newest tools of marketing to boost profits and build brands

Tweet Wine Marketing Online ~ How to use the newest tools of marketing to boost profits and build brands is a powerful new book by Bruce McGechan, published by Wine Appreciation Guild. Bruce McGechan has consulted wine businesses large and small, from one edge of the world to the other. He is the founder and […]


“Wines of the Southern Hemisphere” makes me want to go “Down Under”

Tweet The Complete Guide: Wines of the Southern Hemisphere is an amazing gift. To have this book for my wine library is a tremendous resource; and, making the time to read it delivered even more gifts. Written by Mike Desimone & Jeff Jenssen, two very savvy World Wine Guys who are wine, spirits, food, and […]


Zing Goes the Strings of My Heart ~ Introducing Eden Road Wines

Tweet Zing Goes the Strings of My Heart ~ Who remembers that one, besides me? I recently wrote about Australian wines, and how the Australians may have shot themselves in the foot by flooding the American market with very inexpensive wines.  Wine pros agreed, and that tells me that I was on the right track […]


Do Americans expect to pay well below market value for great Australian wines, shunning the cost of the great ones?

Tweet The Australians flooded our market with Shiraz, when Syrah took its initial step onto the US stage as a variety worthy of attention. I believe, and tell me if I’m wrong, that their $7 bottles of wine set a precedent for all future Australian wines… At least it’s seemed to for many years that […]


Putting Some Sparkling in Your Step for New Year’s Eve and Day ~ Ones that have delighted me in 2011

Tweet I’ve had a fabulous year with bubbles, and those are the ones I’m going to share as being HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this coming weekend’s celebrations. I’m going to start with a new one… I’m calling it a “Bubbly on Training Wheels.” It’s a great one for a younger generation that may also love adventure, […]


Wines of the Week ~ Best of the Best

Tweet West Cape Howe wine company delivered four wines to my office. I thought to myself, this is going to be an interesting week. I’ll be opening one bottle a day, and by Friday I’ll be able to post my findings. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men went astray in this office. […]


Did you ever notice that New Zealand is an upside down boot?

Tweet How come nobody ever talks about New Zealand being an upside down boot? Okay, so maybe it’s a small boot with a leg warmer, but it’s got it going on. Thanks to Jasper Hammink of Vinopedia, the new free price comparison engine for wine. He read this post, then wrote: I saw your blog […]