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It’s no secret around here that my past life was in rock n’roll radio PR. It was my job to prove to conservative Portland, Maine, that the state’s favorite rock n’roll radio station was big business… At one point, the multimillion dollar company had 13 radio stations nationwide; and yet, the perception was that the call letters WBLM stood for, “We Believe in Legalized Marijuana.” Nice try, but in fact, it stood for (Ed) Bock, Lewiston Maine (the owner’s last name and the city of its original license).

As their PR agent, who was committed to the company, I was pretty successful… And, as a continuation, I take interest in all things about rock evolving into wine.

Paul J. Hoffman, of Hoffman Family Cellars (H.F.C), just reached out to me, to give us one more notch on the rock n’roll wine chart… I began my rockin’ wine journey with From Woodstock to Wine Stock ~ These Wines Rock in 2008, and other posts have followed with updates of new rockers coming on board.

I’m now going to update that list with one more…

Paul Hoffman and Victim Entertainment (V.E.) have announced a promotional partnership between national recording artist Digital Summer, and the emerging wine brand Headbanger. “This joint venture will focus on the growing interest in wine among all people worldwide that also have a pure love of rock n’roll,” according to Paul.

V.E. Founder and Digital Summer vocalist Kyle Winterstein and H.F.C. owner and winemaker Paul Hoffman share a love of music, wine, and innovation. “Over a few glasses of Headbanger Zinfandel at dinner, Paul and I recognized the similarities of our entrepreneurial experiences — building companies in terrible economic conditions and the successes we have had thus far,” shares Winterstein. “We agreed that there is a huge opportunity to take the platform and reach we have as entertainers through live performances and social media and apply that energy to help build a global brand. This is the same philosophy each band mate has embraced to build Digital Summer. ”

Hoffman said, “As a life long fan of Rock and Roll and winemaker for years, I’ve been surprised by the lack of attention the wine industry has paid to some of the most loyal consumers on the planet, the rock fan. The Headbanger Brand combines a focus on quality wines with edgy packaging that speaks to the soul of the Rock n Roll lover.”

On the topic of marketing, Winterstein stated, “Working in an industry that has evolved into a tech-savvy social media driven business, we rely on interacting directly with consumer. With the band and brand we can market to two separate industry media streams with one campaign–wine and music, music and wine – both full of life and energy.” Hoffman adds, “The cross merchandising and sales opportunities are some of the most exciting elements of the partnership. The potential to talk right to the consumer at shows, online, with distributors, in restaurants, and with retailers provides an opportunity with no limits. Imagine doing a combined bottle and CD signing at an event or in-store tasting!” The partnership also has plans to incorporate specialty events, exclusive winery/vineyard shows, and unique packages of Digital Summer Music and Headbanger Wines combined for the enthusiast.

The Headbanger current release lineup encompasses three Zinfandel wines from Sonoma that are in select markets across the US and The Virgin Islands. Plans to expand with a California appellation Zinfandel, targeted national distribution will follow in the upcoming months, in addition to expanding into the beer and spirit markets with the same branding. A Kickstarter campaign is being developed to help the fan be a part of the new distribution campaign and category expansion. “The recording of our current release, Breaking Point, would not have been possible without the fan support through Kickstarter,” said Winterstein. “It was a great way to connect and make everyone a part of our experience. We plan on creating an amazing campaign that will have the current Digital Summer and Headbanger supporters in awe, in addition to gaining new supporters like we do everyday at our shows.”

Victim Entertainment produces Digital Summer, who’s on tour through February 17, 2013, supporting their highly rated current release, Breaking Point, which debuted at #13 on iTunes Rock Charts. Two other full length LPs and one acoustic EP have also been released. Touted as one of the most energetic live performers, Digital Summer calls Phoenix, Arizona home.

Hoffman Family Cellars owns and makes four wine brands (Headbanger, 401K, Curveball, Atmosphere) and has two tasting rooms, one on the Historic Sonoma Square and the other on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. In addition to the wine brands, the company has two clothing lines, Napa Valley Surf Club and Keep Sonoma Weird.



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